Friday, September 13, 2013

it works!

I got tired of waiting for the power supply and looked around the house for 12V power adapters, luckily I ended up finding one with enough amperage to power the LCD, it was being used by the Internet TV box. Before powering it up, I connected the LVDS cable from the controller to the LCD and checked the pins of the connector with a multimeter. I verified that all VCC pins were not shorting with GND pins or any of the data/control pins. I also checked that GND pins were connected together and the same for VCC - things looked good. Then I replaced the inverter coming with the LCD with the inverter packaged with the LCD controller. I hooked the power supply and a "no signal" box immediately appeared in the screen. Since it appeared to be working, I glued the inverter to the back of the LCD to make it safer, avoiding getting zapped and avoiding accidental shorts with the metallic frame. I finally connected the VGA cable to the laptop and voilĂ ! It is working.

I now need to build a decent frame for the screen to hold all the electronics safely inside. The inverter and controller board are quite thicker than the current (laptop-style) frame, so it will not be possible to use it. I will have to figure something out.. If any of you is reading, I would love some ideas..

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