Wednesday, September 11, 2013

LVDS controller received

Today I just received by mail the RTMC1B LVDS LCD controller kit. that I bought from ebay. Given that I bought this nearly a week ago and is shipping from Hong Kong, it arrived pretty fast!
You can see the LCD + controller above. They are not connected and powered (still waiting for the power supply) yet. I am not quite sure about the pinout since the proprietary connector that came with the laptop screen and the LCD controller's connector don't quite match. Here are individual pictures of each:
This is the connector (picture above) of the proprietary cable that came with the laptop screen.

This is the connector (picture above) of the cable and connector that came with the LCD controller kit. Looking at them, it seems that they share the opposite side of the connector. Tomorrow I'll need to check if the LCD controller and the LCD share the same ground and if there are any shorts between the GND (black) and VCC (red) pins of the LCD as indicated by the LCD controller seller.

I also managed to take a picture of the LCD model which I will leave here just for reference:

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